Summit Online

Summit Online allows you to access your accounts anytime, from anywhere, with any computer. The best part—it’s safe, secure and free!

With Summit Online you can:
  • Check account balances
  • Verify cleared items
  • Transfer funds
  • Review your monthly account statement
  • Make loan payments
  • Pay bills with Summit Bill Pay
  • Download your account information to money management software

Pop Money

Pop a little money over to your friends, family or anyone at all using Summit’s Pop Money! It’s incredibly easy, fun to use, and a great way to say Thanks, Happy Birthday, Congratulations…or you pick the theme and the occasion! With Pop Money you can:

  • Send money via email or cell phone quickly – usually within 24 hours
  • Choose from a variety of greeting templates such as Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Get Well
  • Pay baby sitters, lawn care workers and any of your neighborhood service providers instead of writing checks – they will appreciate that you are tech-savvy
  • Pay bills that are due immediately
  • Save on greeting cards, postage and time
  • Send an electronic greeting card with money!

How can I use Popmoney?

Pay your landlord, your cousin, or your co-worker. People are using Popmoney to pay for all sorts of things like shared phone bills, or just paying back a friend for lunch. You can even use it to request money. It’s the new way to pay and get paid!

What is Popmoney?

The Popmoney® personal payment service lets you send money to friends, family or anyone at all.* All you need is their name and email address or mobile number to move money from your bank account to theirs.