Summit Community Bank Confirms Mortgage Business is Strong


Lansing, MI – September 18, 2008 – Continuing to withstand the financial industry challenges caused mostly by the downturn in the housing market, Summit Community Bank confirms its strength as a residential mortgage lender in the community. 


“Summit Community Bank continues to experience strong mortgage activity, despite the challenges of the economy, our industry and the housing market,” says Vice President and Chief Lending Officer Chris Nugent. “We never wavered from our mortgage underwriting guidelines, and as a result we are able to sustain our high quality loan portfolio.”


Summit attributes its strength to:

§         Responsible Lending Practices – Summit Community Bank, like all banks, is heavily regulated. In addition, Summit upholds its own lending standards and guidelines which are tougher than industry regulation.

§         Local Leadership – Locally owned and managed, Summit has a highly experienced management team, a board of directors made up of local business leaders and a stable workforce.

§         Experienced Loan Officers – Held to the high mortgage standards and guidelines of the Bank and the industry, Summit’s loan officers are seasoned professionals. They have been originating home and construction loans for over 20 years and personally work with each customer from prequalification to closing.



“Today, many people are turning to Summit Community Bank to help refinance existing mortgages,” explains Nugent. “Furthermore, as interest rates begin to decline, many consumers will be in a better position to buy and sell their homes. They will come to our Bank because they know and trust us.”

Nugent is encouraging consumers with mortgage questions to call the Bank at 517.664.1912 or visit the Bank’s Web site at

Summit Community Bank is a full-service financial institution with offices in East Lansing and Okemos, MI.  The Bank was formed over five years ago by local business leaders with an emphasis on the customer and the community.


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