Cash Management

Summit’s Cash Management Business Solutions can help you effectively manage your money with the technology and the personal care you need to keep your business operating successfully. From Check Imaging to Sweep Accounts, we can help you make sure your cash flow is working as hard as you are.

Summit’s ACH (automatic clearing house) service offers you a method to quickly pay or receive funds electronically. With your approval, we will send or receive transactions electronically to or from one of your deposit accounts, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

ACH allows you to:

  • Manage direct deposits
  • Make tax payments
  • Transfer between Summit accounts
  • Automate cash collection


Funds Transfer Services
With Summit’s Funds Transfer Service, you can transfer funds quickly with the security of direct, paperless transactions. We allow you to transfer funds 24 hours a day because we know sometimes your business never sleeps.

Investment Sweep Account
With Summit’s Investment Sweep Account you can set your accounts to work for you day and night by automatically investing excess balances. So, while your daily accounts are set up to work for your business by day, we will set up your investment accounts to work for you at night.

With an Investment Sweep Account you can be assured:

  • Invested funds are always available
  • Targets (or thresholds) are customized for all accounts
  • When targets are met, funds are automatically swept into investment accounts
  • Likewise, if accounts fall below threshold, money is swept back into account

Account is not FDIC insured, carries no bank guarantee, and may lose value.

Remote Deposit

Summit’s Remote Deposit helps you manage your business more cost effectively! Make your deposits electronically from the convenience of your own office. This service results in less work, increased accuracy, reduced processing costs and the best part - see increased profits for your business.

  • Make deposits electronically from your business
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Increase profits