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Business Loan Application

List company officers, owners, proposed guarantors and co-borrowers below. All individuals and companies with ownership in the borrowing entity must be listed. Financial statements of the borrower and all owners should be submitted with the application. The application is deemed incomplete without accompanying financial information.
Soc Sec or Tax ID #
Ownership/Owner Since (Year)




The undersigned represents that the information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and was given to induce the lender to grant the loan for which this application was made and further states that no information which may relate to the creditworthiness of the undersigned or borrowers has been omitted. The undersigned authorizes Summit Community Bank or its agent to verify the information submitted herein and conduct necessary investigations with credit unions, banks, credit bureaus, employers and any references listed in the application. Summit Community Bank may choose to sell or participate in this loan with other lenders and Borrower grants permission to Summit Community Bank to share the application materials and other investigative reports as appropriate. In the event Summit Community Bank is unable to extend credit as requested in this application, Borrower gives authorization to Summit Community Bank to release information regarding the business and any related personal information to alternative lending sources in order to facilitate the possibility of receiving financing. Borrower agrees to hold Summit Community Bank harmless against any liability that may arise out of their referral of the above mentioned business to an alternative lending source. The Lender may at its option, cancel any Commitment or Loan granted if this application contains any false or misleading information; the credit investigation discloses any unsatisfactory credit record; a lien search or title examination discloses unsatisfactory conditions which are not correctable within a reasonable time or if the undersigned has borrowed any portion of the investment or equity in the property not indicated in this application. This application and all accompanying information shall remain the property of Summit Community Bank or the Lender. If needed, please request copies at the point of application.